He might work as the away fighter mostly these days, but Reiss “Showy” Taylor is outspoken and entertaining both in and out of the ring. This Saturday (July 31st) the Brummie will face former English and British Flyweight Title holder Ashley Sexton at York Hall. The co-hosted Warren Boxing Management and Priority card is a more than welcome to York Hall for Londoners chomping at the bit for live boxing.

Reiss (who I can never remember is called Reiss rather than Showy because Showy is so perfect a moniker) was generous with his time on fight week to talk to Southpaw Jab.

SPJ: Sexton is a former English and British belt holder, but won the British in 2010 and his only title contest since was in 2013 when he was stopped in round 8 by Stephane Jamoye. He’s since had three fights in eight years. Does that mean anything to you? Did you get much notice for this one?

SHOWY: First of all hello and a pleasure speaking with you again, I got about a week or two notice for this. I respect Ashley Sexton as he has achieved good things in the pro ranks.

SPJ: What do you have that’s better than him?

SHOWY: I have been keeping my tools sharp in this pandemic and I feel confident to put on a great show in York hall and impressing the people there (and yourself) who will be watching.

SPJ: Your debut was an entertaining, bloody bout with Kaisy Khademi also fights on the card, your dust up was incredible, will you watch him fight on Saturday?

SHOWY: My Kaisy fight it is one I will never forget as I took that on four days notice. I look forward to seeing him again and saying hello! Remember me? Haha. Of course I’ll watch his bout if I can.

SPJ: Are the dreadlocks a stayer? They suit you and probably sounds stupid but for real do they affect your movement or vision? This is from a man (me) who only grows thin side hair and is looking after the top locks like the Crown Jewels because it’s precious.

SHOWY: As for my locks, I’ll keep them and to prevent them not getting in my way I simply just tie them up and keep them neat come fight night mate. If you want them long like mine just use coconut oil and your hair will grow soon enough!

Bloody coconut oil. I’ve already got avocado oil and it’s horrible.

Good luck to all on Saturday and Southpaw Jab are supremely excited. All the best Showy, it’s smashy smashy time again!


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