We all know who Prince Patel is don’t we? The brash and arrogant Lancashire born fighter who seems to have pissed off every single member of the boxing community at some point. If his name isn’t ringing a bell, maybe his run in with Kugan Cassius, where Cassius threatened to knock him out, jogs your memory? Or when as a guest on the Steve Bunce show on BoxNation, Patel said no one wanted to watch former world champion Barry Jones fight, calling him a forgotten fighter, when Jones was sat mere feet away from him?

Yeah, that guy.

But have his road warrior antics propelled him to become more than just a name to be mocked?

The Acton resident hasn’t fought in the UK since his fifth fight back in 2016. In his most recent outing, Patel improved his record to 24-1-2 (19), which isn’t to be sniffed at. While doing so, he has picked up the WBA Intercontinental, WBO Global, WBO African, IBF Continental African and the Commonwealth Super Flyweight Titles.

All nice belts to have and add to Prince’s growing collection, but the WBO Global and Commonwealth titles must surely make him a name to be talked about amongst the UK’s simmering weights between 112-118lbs? We’ve seen in the past that holding either of these belts can get you on a big show – look at Team Southpaw Jab’s own Phil Bowes, who won the 140lb Commonwealth title on a “small hall” show at York Hall and made his maiden defense against Tom Farrell live on Sky Sports. Or Michael McKinson, who won the WBO Global Welterweight title against Chris Kongo and is now a Matchroom fighter, making the first defense of his belt on the Fight Camp show on the 14th August on DAZN.

Could Prince Patel’s position as the Commonwealth and WBO Global champion get him a big domestic fight against the winner of Quaise Khademi vs Ijaz Ahmed, who the board have called for the vacant British Super Flyweight title? Or what about Lee McGregor up at Bantamweight? Patel has fought there, most notably losing out in his attempt to win the IBO world title (Patel is also a former WBO European Bantamweight champion, just FYI). Or what about Dennis McCann? McCann was asked quite publicly in an interview about the possibility of fighting Patel, why not now?

These are only some of the names names that could be a good fight for Patel back on home soil. There are of course some fighters who are ahead of him, who Prince himself should be calling out if he wants to be seen as a legitimate fighter; Jay Harris (recent loss aside) and the Edwards Brothers, all of whom should be looking at world honours, or adding to them in Sunny Edwards case, in the near future. Side note – Charlie Edwards vs Lee McGregor would be a brilliant fight.

People see Prince Patel as a joke, as the arrogant and cocky fighter who was dubbed by some (not many, but some) as the next Prince Naseem, but who never actually lived up to the hype. Despite this Prince has gone away and won trinket after trinket as well as legitimate titles all while being on the road without any promotional protection. Surely he’s shown his dedication to the sport by this point.

If Patel is as poor as people think, one of our brighter starlets would see his WBA Intercontinental, WBO Global and Commonwealth titles, see it’s “only” Prince Patel holding them and decide a fight against him is a way of propelling themselves up the rankings. Winning would mean a few decent titles and giving Patel a beating, making them an overnight “success” by being the Brit who beat Prince. Surely that’s the logic?

Or is he too good for these fighters to risk losing to and becoming a footnote in the Prince Patel show? Only time will tell, but I for one want to see a domestic fight for the man who has done so well globe-trotting.


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