Responding to his English Heavyweight Title challenger Nick “Wild” Webb’s claims that he’s “just a kid”, and that he’ll knock him out this Saturday, champion Fabio Wardley was pretty clear that won’t be the case. I spoke to the unbeaten Ipswich heavyweight and he was confident as ever, telling me,

“The Pfeifer win would have done him a lot of good and will have given him a lot of confidence and that’s good. He’ll believe in himself and I’ll have something on my hands to deal with for the first few rounds.”

It’s fight week, and Nick Webb’s comments were met with calm opposition by Team Southpaw Jab’s Fabio. Not rising to the bait, he smoothly stated his aim.

“He lost to a journeyman Kamil Sokolwski and an out of shape Dave Allen. I’m here to give his third loss. He’s very much a one trick pony. He’s not got much left in the tank. He’s trying to grab at these last little bits."

"Ultimately I’m here to put a blocker on that and finish him off, he’s in the latter years of his career he won’t be interested in boxing no more.”

For a heavyweight Fabio is young at 26, where Webb is 33, and he sees this as important proof of his more than domestic dominance. Having stopped the world level gatekeeper Eric Molina in the fifth stanza last time out, Wardley is licking his lips at the big time. However, Webb could be a banana skin. He's a puncher on a roll and “Wild” Webb claims once he stops Wardley he'll "be upset". Fabio isn’t moved.

“It’s three strikes and you’re out. He can come with a game plan and all the things you’ve worked on in the gym with people trying to imitate me, when you get in the ring it’s a different matter. Once it hasn’t worked it’s a completely different game.”

Webb wants war, Wardley isn't backing down either. Nick said,

"There’s going to be some bombs landing". Fabio fired back,

“He’ll take some breaking down, it doesn’t matter about his power, I'll see all his shots coming, but once I decide to land on him it’s game over.”

Fabio Wardley defends his English Heavyweight Title against a resurgent Nick Webb on the DAZN bill at Matchroom’s salubrious headquarters in Essex this Saturday (7th August). Surrounded by a busy card, headlined by the intriguing Jazza Dickens' fight with Kid Galahad for the vacant IBF World Featherweight Title. Southpaw Jab wish everyone on the bill the best of luck, but even I wasn’t biased I’d still be picking Fabio to stop Nick Webb.

All of you fighting, respect. Fabio, smash it up. Team Southpaw Jab.


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