by Kevin Campion- Goodwin Boxing Operations Director

Like many I am still coming to terms with the Taylor and Caterrall fight. Many know I am a supporter of the BBBofC and believe they have an extremely difficult job and thankless job. I also know the people who make up the board and the people who fill those officials / judging roles and they are that! People. Decent people at that as well.

But the events, the result of last night's undisputed super-lightweight fight are hard to swallow for every boxing person across the country. I think the most bitter taste is the fact none of us are surprised.
Sure everyone makes mistakes, everyone has an off night, sometimes we get it wrong. We have all experienced that ourselves in any job, but we also know if we continue to make the same mistakes, we might be given some additional training or even removed from that position.
No doubt the BBBofC will call individuals to discuss. But the BBBofC need to be more open to us and the public about the steps that are being taken to address this re-occurring issue and make no mistake, this is re-occurring.
The first step to solving a problem, is first admitting you have one!
The BBBofC are very quick to call license holders to appear in front of a council of people and ask them to explain their actions for a host of often minor infractions. Heck I have witnessed a boxer get bollocked for a good 10 mins for filling in a training diary incorrectly!
But when the eyes of the boxing world turn to the BBBofC and ask for them to give an explanation on what is being done to try and help prevent events of last night happening, I imagine the response will be very quiet. That’s the part which has to change.
It is time for them to have to answer about this decision, like many of us are forced to do for our mistakes. It is time for them to have their actions called into question. It’s time for them to stand up, shoulder the responsibility and say yes, we recognise an issue and recognise where our judges are falling short and mostly it is time for them to say we are going to do X, Y and Z to try and solve it.
By them do that, it would give us confidence that the woes are being heard. It would show the world that they are committed to getting it right. It takes great courage to stand up and say this isn’t right and we are going to do something about it. I ask of them, no more than they ask of us, anytime we fall short of the standard.
This isn’t about slagging off anyone. It is about trying to recognise, things are quite as they should be and a responsible shouldered and steps to be taken to try and reduce it happening in the future. Close decisions will always be a part of the sport. So an element of this will always exist. I am not asking for perfection. Just a plan to improve.


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