It’s a common phrase in the sport, a boxing CV, but I’ve never been sent a literal pugilistic record- until now! Super featherweight Louise Orton makes her debut this Friday at the Tower Hotel in London Bridge, and the former England fighter is eager to get going after three years and many delays to her first foray into the paid ranks.

“I’m very excited! Also apprehensive. My debut has been cancelled countless times but this one is definitely happening so it’s nerve racking. I haven’t boxed for three years due to COVID etc. and it’s the first time boxing with 8oz gloves and no headguard. So very excited but also apprehensive.”

Louise’s boxing CV is nothing short of impressive, with unpaid accolades spanning from 2012 to 2019 including Haringey Box Cup gold medals, England Boxing National Elite Champion and Southern Counties Titles. Initially with Warren Boxing Management, Orton is now with Sam Kynoch, who was “recommended by a few people and I really liked him, he sounded like a straight up guy so I am now signed to Sam as my manager. Really happy with him and it’s the best move I’ve made.”

Having learned how to deal with some mental health problems in her past, Louise says she now doesn’t “struggle so much… I understand things more. I got help for my mental health and had counselling. I studied lots to understand things better and I now have better ways of coping with things.” As someone who has also had, and still has mental health problems, I can completely empathise. Addressing your issues is only really possible once you comprehend them and their manifestations.

This experience has led to academia and a career as a mental health nurse- “in forensic services - I work in a prison with mentally disordered offenders”. Not an easy job, no doubt, though “eating and cocktails [haha!]”, as well as her boyfriend Carl, her “best friend… we have such fun together” seem like a good way to unwind. That and punching people, I imagine, help. I’m not allowed to punch people in my job.

The Kent fighter has a fast ascent planned to titles, “the sooner the better. My team and I have big plans to reach the top so watch this space”.  Although beginning at the 130 pounds mark, Louise is “open” to going up or down, which would offer plenty of scope for belts in some busy, competitive divisions. With fighters in the twilight of their careers as well as established up and coming domestic talents around, Louise Orton’s future is an exciting one.

On Friday, however, there is the matter of a paid opponent, Flora Machela, who Louise knows after Machela boxed one of her teammates (Lucy Wildheart) last year. “She is a lot shorter than me and throws looping over hand shots so we’ve got a game plan of keeping it simple and straight down the middle to avoid an unnecessary war. The more basic I keep it, the easier it’s going to be.” Southpaw Jab will be there to watch and report on Louise and the rest of the show.

After so many false starts, finally, Orton's first step is Friday night, live, and free, on Fightzone. The sooner, the better.

or INSTAGRAM: @Louise_Champ1


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