A sweltering York Hall hosted a brutal, bruising fight between two men who shared ten rounds in March for the same title; but this time Team Southpaw Jab's Jack Hughes went home as Southern Area Super Flyweight Champion. It was the third time Hughes had fought for the belt, and after drawing with Paul Roberts earlier this year, this time he edged it 96-94 on Referee Kieran McCann's card.

Jack had a few words for Southpaw Jab in the wake of his pulsating, violent victory. Saying that although he felt he had won clearly, "it was still a hard fight. Obviously I'm bruised up, got cut again, got headbutted again, blood pissing everywhere, couldn't see out of my left eye."

"My left eye was bleeding then he hit me with an uppercut and my right eye went black, I was fighting almost blind for three rounds. I just stayed calm and got through it, I listened to everything Kieran and Tony had to say".

Fortunately Jack's vision returned to normal shortly after the fight and he can now gaze lovingly at his Southern Area Title, which after "six hard years of fighting anyone from Area champions to African champions to Bulgarian bangers", and two previous attempts at, he now wears.

picture courtesy @pugshoot (Instagram)

Jack was quick to thank Paul Roberts, complimenting both his chin and personality, "I hit him with a big right hand, then a big left, hook and he took it and kept coming and then I hit him with another right hand, three big shots in a row and he just took it! Fair play to him he is tough."

"He messaged me this morning to say congratulations and well done, I've got love for him he's a nice guy and we've got respect for each other."

Promising big news soon on what's next, though saying no more than that Hughes is off to rest and recuperate and hopefully revel in his win. Both fighters should be immensely proud of serving up York Hall a delicious fistic feast last night, but congratulations Jack "The Punk Kid" Hughes... and the NEW! 

Full report to follow


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