picture: Callum Knowles/ Neilson Boxing

After the adrenaline is finished coursing through the fighters’ veins from last Friday’s Neilson Boxing show, a duality of emotion for many on the card will take its toll. The card produced ups and downs, a brutal finish in a fifty-fifty matchup and an alternate main event.

Despite Jack McGann's headliner against Nicola Cristofori falling through last minute, the night still delivered in terms of entertainment without a doubt. An extreme rollercoaster from the get-go began with Ciaran Flanagan’s debut against Luke Fash leaving an ominous cloud looming over events. It all started to go wrong in the second round of four as Flanagan found himself on the canvas with a mountain to climb. Vulnerable to looping hooks from all angles, but fighting back valiantly, Flanagan found himself on the canvas once more on the sound of the bell in the final round and resulted in a 38-37 shock points loss to Luke Fash.

The substitute main event, between Jordon Dujon and Ryan Maycock began with an intense stare down as both men entered the ring, both ready for business. It started slow, but that’s what you expect in the first of eight rounds. Maycock fought dirty at times and approached the fight with rough and rugged tactics which led the referee to intervene and issue warnings for holding and rabbit-punches towards Maycock. Dujon was the sharper of the two but Maycock wasn’t afraid to unload massive big shots- being the wilder of the pair. Towards the end of the bout, blood was streaming from above Maycock’s right eye and Dujon punished him as time went on moving through the gears showcasing the cleaner, more precise work; Dujon came away with the victory in a 77-75 points win.

Performance of the night has to be handed to Oluwatosin Kejawa after his brutal TKO finish against the imposing Ibraghim Tsurov. Kejewa was on my radar beforehand for his pure power and he certainly backed up his impressive record in this encounter. He warmed into the fight stalking his prey, but by round two, bombs were exchanged from both fighters and the evenly matched bout was in full swing. In the fourth, Kejewa stepped up the pace and stumbled Tsurov forcing him to go down. Tsurov bravely returned to his feet but that wasn’t for long because the dangerous Kejewa was already on the hunt impressively, finishing his opponent in conclusive fashion.

picture: Callum Knowles/ Neilson Boxing

The lively Beau Reynolds, in his four round bout against Hrvoje Grcic, almost went in the same direction Ciaran Flanagan’s at the start of the show. Reynold’s loud and energetic supporters were silenced in the second round from a scrappy knockdown that Reynolds was on the wrong end of. Their worst fears were quickly put to rest as in a dramatic turn of events, Reynolds fought back like a man possessed to nearly have Grcic out on his feet. Despite being knocked down, Reynolds managed to continue a brutal onslaught which earned him a draw. He will definitely be frustrated with the knockdown.

James Heneghan helped calm everyone’s heart-rate down with his sharp, swift output cruising towards a 40-36 shut-out points win, totally outclassing his opponent and not giving him a single chance to land anything significant was impressive.

Fynnlie Judd brought his Basingstoke loyal along with him once again and the roar from his supporters was deafening. His opponent, Mykhailo Sovtus posed a forward marching threat but roars of ‘Finley, Finley!’ spurred counter-attacks on for Judd and his higher-tempo took over. The corner lifted Judd up after the last round and sent his fans into a frenzy. The bout ended with a 40-36 points victory in Judd’s favour.

"Mr Excitement" Nathan Mizon had to stay focused against an annoying opponent in Chris Adaway. As Adaway taunted throughout, Mizon pieced his punches together with intent and did well against an awkward opponent, winning the fight 59-55.

Ernie Rutherford fired thunderous body shots into his opponent in his four rounder against Harry Matthews and had to take the place off of Fynnlie Judd for loudest fans of the night. Rutherford was the stronger fighter throughout and done what he needed to do in the fight winning 40-36.

Victoras Razma also won 40-36 against Dimitrij Kalinovskjj and applied the higher pressure throughout with a few smart flurries of combinations occasionally.

The card overall provided a good night of entertainment and most definitely tough tests for new prospects that are up and coming. Tough-matchmaking at Neilson and consistent expanding to the London area has earned them a deal with BoxNation which will look to improve the quality of the cards in the future as well.


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