Ahead of Joel ‘El Toro’ McIntyre’s (19-4-3) English light-heavyweight title fight against Chad ‘2 Slick’ Sugden (12-2-1), Joel reveals to me an insight into his mindset going for English title glory for the second time around. Joel previously won the belt in his hometown of Portsmouth back in 2016, but this time, he will be travelling a long way, as he enters his opponents back-yard in Newark, Nottinghamshire.

Joel’s confidence is not to be underestimated, after only having one comeback fight since 2018, jumping eagerly into a tough domestic matchup reinforces the confidence him and his team have in his ability. After turning professional over a decade ago, Joel has the experience and knows his way around the boxing game which led me to ask about his next moves after his anticipated bout on the 15th July. He has a clear vision for the future which to me shows pure intent on getting the job done and getting back to where Joel feels he belongs in the boxing world.

Touching upon weaknesses and strengths in his opponent, Joel admits respect towards the man he’ll be facing across the ring later this week, and even hints at a possible tear-up between the pair; describing the fact that Sugden likes to get involved as "perfect".

You’re going in to your opponent’s den in Nottinghamshire, will that Phase you at all?

It’s in his back yard, that doesn’t really matter to me. The only thing that could cause some problems is the judges, but I don’t plan to leave it to the judges.

I’m sure you’ll have some of your supporters travelling up?

Yeah, we have some supporters travelling up. I haven’t pushed the fight to be honest a hell of a lot because it’s not exactly the most appealing place for a lot of people to go to and it’s a Friday. I’ve got close friends and family coming that’s about it.

Can you see any weaknesses in Sugden’s style you want to expose?

We see weaknesses, strengths and weaknesses. He’s not afraid to get involved so it’s perfect for me, I like that.

Does coming off a KO Win in your last bout give you confidence and will you be looking for more of the same against your opponent?

I don’t look too much into that KO win, it was an introduction back into the pro ranks but it went perfectly.

After you’re successful in this fight, do you have your eyes on anything in the future?

After winning this fight, I’ll defend the belt in my home town. The British Title is definitely in my sights.

What does this fight mean to you?

This is getting back to where I was, it’s my title that I had before and I want to get it back. Before I wasn’t in the right place, now I’ve got my team around me which is perfect and it’s that step back into the big time for me.

Everyone here at Southpaw Jab wishes the best of luck to Joel and his team ahead of his fight against Chad Sugden -which takes place at the Lady Eastwood Pavilion, Newark Showground, Newark, on the 15th July 2022.



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