Johanna ‘Wonderer’ Wonyou might just be one of boxing’s hottest prospects around today in the bantamweight division. The French born 22 year-old has found a new home in the UK under Samm Mullins at Churchill’s Boxing Gym in London and the sky high potential she possesses. Ahead of her fight on Friday (18th), a rematch against Wendellin Cruz (5-2-1), a confident Johanna tells me that ”this will be a bigger performance to show people that you can’t fight Johanna Wonyou twice’’. The target is to improve from any mistakes in the previous bout, which Wonyou won via points, 60-55.

At 14 years of age, Johanna found herself in a routine that began boring her, which is when she discovered the sport of boxing. In just a short period of time, she has climbed the ranks with talent and determination. Moving to another country to explore the heart of English boxing is a testament to Johanna’s courage inside the ring and the ambition to take risks when needed in life. Since settling down in the UK, the difference in training has become more intense than ever, and is paying off as a result. ‘’I train everyday, twice. Boxing is boxing but the way people practice changes from country to country and I really enjoy the one in England”.

Churchills Boxing Gym has been a hub for development and friendship in Johanna’s life and she trains alongside the more experienced, two time world champion, Hannah Rankin which has only been a positive influence. ‘’Hannah is a really nice person. We talk a lot, she’s got that experience I haven’t and she’s always advising me. I really appreciate it’’ says Johanna. Improvement is always at the core throughout our discussion and she tells me, “my room for improvement is still big’’. There is nothing but praise for coach Samm Mullins and the relationship between the pair seems a strong one.

Wonyou halts Sarafina Bela in round one in March 2022

A 6-0-0 unbeaten record, already boasting a French Flyweight Title, indicates that Wonyou is knocking on the door for world title fights in the near future. I asked about a couple of potential opponents: current WBC Bantamweight Title holder Yuliahan Luna Avila, and IBF champion Ebanie Bridges- a big name in the UK. ‘’It would be a big opportunity to fight against these types of girls like Bridges or Avila. They’re big names and I’m one to watch, if that happens I will be more than glad’’. A match up against Ebanie Bridges would boost Wonyou’s profile immensely, in my opinion; two fighters with exciting styles.

On the subject of the future, where does Johanna see herself in three years time? She confidently states her aspirations immediately, “at 25 years-old I would like everyone to recognise me as the little GWOAT, I can’t be clearer.’’ This exciting attitude will lead to a very interesting career that everyone should all keep an eye on, but if you’re a fighter currently holding a belt, you need to watch out, Johanna’s about.  ‘’I want to fight anyone with a belt as I consider they are all mine.’’

Friday’s rematch with Wendellin Cruz will take place in The Brewery, City of London and is promoted by Frank Warren. An eye catching performance will hopefully catch the promoter’s attention and reward Johanna Wonyou with regular TV exposure for this up and coming star.


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