In October the fighting pride of the Fens, Jordan Gill, had his European title snatched from his waist at the hands of arguably Spain’s greatest fighter of all time, Kiko Martinez. The bout added another twist to Gill’s fairy tale, forcing the featherweight to regroup with his trainer and manager, David Coldwell. After just the second loss of his career, Gill is now looking to return to the world stage.

It’s been 6 months since that loss, But Gill insists he is ready for the comeback, “I'm raring to go,” the 28-year-old declares, “at the minute I’m just sitting around waiting for a date to come along. I’m just excited to get back in there and put the wrong right and prove that I'm at a higher level. I've been training hard and working hard and I'm just looking forward to fighting.”

Naturally those career highs can impose mirroring career lows, and Gill talks about the mental barriers that those lows bring. “It's always going to be at the back of your mind. If it's not, you're not a serious competitor.” Gill continues, “as an athlete that competes at the highest level and wants to be the best, no one can live with a loss and move on easily. It's something I've had to process, something I've had to work on and assess, and change those mistakes I made in the fight and put those mistakes right both in and out of the ring.

“I'm over it as far as I can be, I’ve got to just push on and get this next fight in. After I lost before, I made improvements and changed my game up, and you will see the same after this one.”

In the wake of the loss to the Spaniard the team of Gill and Coldwell decided it was time to move up weight classes. Putting his body through such a strenuous regime time and time again became a struggle to abide to the featherweight limit these past couple years. For Gill, it’s changed his game.

“It’s the best I've felt in a long time. Every day for the last couple years it has been a battle just trying to get through the day. Now I feel I've got a new lease of life. I've moved up to super-feather and I feel [like] a better fighter. You see fighters move up and go on a good run and I think that’s what we’re going to have.”

Since that crushing defeat, a fact that few may have been aware of, is Gill’s contract with Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom Boxing has expired with the former European champ currently a promotional free agent. However, Gill reveals he’s still yet to decide his next move, “there’s no movement yet. It wasn’t a joint decision; the contract just came to an end. It's not like we’ve parted ways and won't work together again, but they want the biggest fights possible, so if they want to work with me, they will put me in the biggest fights. There are no immediate plans, or an immediate fight date lined up. I'm just making sure that when the call comes I'll be ready.”

However, Gill did reveal what he would want next, mentioning the man who’s been calling him out for the last few years, Isaac Lowe, as a potential option. “I'll have Isaac Lowe next!”

“Dave is my manager, and he makes the plan. His plan is to have an eight rounder, to build that momentum back then go straight into a big fight. Isaac Lowe is a fight that I want, and I'm sure lots of people want it as well. It’s a fight that will capture the imagination of the public, and I’ll grab it with both hands.”

The first quarter of 2023 has been and gone and Jordan cannot waste any more time as he sets his signs on working towards a world title as the aspiration.

“I’d love three fights this year, push on, get a title fight and get an eliminator towards the back end of the year. I want to be where I was at the end of the year, where I was at the same time last year. It’s like snakes and ladders, it’s a long way up, and a quick way down”.

For Gill the comeback is one thing but for now which promotional outfit that will be under is uncertain. Nevertheless, one thing that remains certain is at Super-Featherweight, Gill will make up for any lost ground.


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