Ménage à trois? Three World Titles but a Cuckfest for fans

A night like no other, unrivalled, almost. Three British world title fights on UK soil, but how were you going to watch three shows on one hand?

Here’s the caveat for fans: those British fighters in World Title fights were all on separate bills, on separate channels, one of three fighters actually held the title and in the only fight a title wouldn’t go to a Brit, there was a good chance Lawrence Okolie might retain it.

Joe Hester and Adam Thorn did their best to watch the lot. It was not easy. Firstly you need to have paid a lot of money to whoever owns the fighters and as Adam discovered early, be able to pay attention. Also, with two writers and three shows, it is imperative that neither of you be at the actual shows. These are their reports:

Habazin lost to Harper, which was expected but not welcomed, but then I got confused because trying to work out the chief support on two cards is, is fucking impossible. Good thing nobody pays me, eh. Who’s first? Oh, Conlan. I don’t fancy his chances.

Iced in the fifth, Michael Conlan looked grand in every technical sense apart from being able to stop being hit by IBF World Featherweight Champion Luis Alberto Lopez.

A wide base and admirable cojones were not enough in the fight or on the screen, given I had to watch on a phone. This was not a bad fight, a lot of fun, but Conlan has serious questions over him now.

One world title fight with a Brit over, but who is next?

Somehow Lawrence Okolie, admirably risking his WBO World Cruiserweight Title against Bournemouth’s Chris Billam-Smith started before but ended after the third British world title fight. Leigh Wood wanted his WBA featherweight leather back. The distasteful Mauricio Lara lost the title on the scales. A calculated risk, perhaps.

Wood’s rematch with Lara explodes, with Lara down in the second but fighting back bitterly.

Surely this is the pinnacle of irony, that somehow I’m watching a great fight, yet wondering whether Okolie is getting beat at last? I paid for British Beef live, there weren’t even samples.

After his knockout loss to Lara last time, seeing Wood work wonderfully and win a unanimous decision was only spoiled by waiting on The Sauce and The Gent deciding whether Britain likes McDonalds over manners.

A really entertaining fight. Over to Bournemouth with Joe.

Lawrence Okolie’s gameplan was clear early and I found myself rooting for Billam-Smith, who got two but should of had three points off. 50% of the fight was the Ref talking to Okolie. Lawas dropped three times but grabbed the rest of it.

One judge had it 112-112, that is shocking, explain that. It doesn’t take a genius after three knockdowns and two points off to work out who is the more active boxer. But it’s laughable, it’s boxing.

Three world titles, one more British winner, what a night but with the world at your feet, pay cash money and cuck up, because if boxing becomes this, we're fucked. And not in a nice way.


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