When you tell your mum you want to be Mr. T for World Book Day
I fought on one of the Bowers’ Peacock Gym shows the other week, and I really like what them and TM14 are doing, they’re really helpful people and really good to work with. The shows are on early, you’re in and out which is nice and it’s a good little venue. The burger van outside is unreal too! The best burgers, the lady and her daughter who run it are good people. It’s a great set up, the shows help fighters out and they’re doing good there.

My Team Southpaw Jab pal Jack Hughes fought on Saturday’s show at featherweight, and he looked good on the feints and making the fella, Jake Pollard, react, jabbing up and down. Pollard was playing up for the crowd which I’ve never seen him do before and I’ve watched him a few times. He was trying at the end of every round but Jack showed good movement and fought in nice little bursts. After fourteen months out the ring, Jack won every round: 40-36.

"picture perfect"

After the fight Jack told Southpaw Jab that after the next fight in a few weeks the plan is to move on to title fights, but that he thinks he’s improved a lot under new coach Aaron Woodcock.

“I felt like a barely got caught, I felt like my style looked different and I was doing what I wanted when I wanted. If I would have stepped it up I feel like I could have got him out of there which not many people have done. I’m a bit annoyed that I didn’t! But apart from that it was a picture perfect performance.”

“Aaron’s has slowed me down, he’s made not so rushy rushy and falling in on my work. I’m sitting down on my shots more and he’s got me great sparring. It’s the same old Punk, new Punk Kid, if that makes sense... there's no such thing as ring rust!”

A really impressive performance from welterweight Robert Lloyd-Taylor had Fonz Alexander surviving. Lloyd-Talylor caught him head and body- he had his hands down but took his time and was quick and powerful, Fonz did well to survive it, but lost on points.

Paul Gordon ("Lemuffin") landed the more clean, eye catching shots against Josh Cook at middlweight. Cook was game and trying but some really good body shots as well as accuracy and strength won it for after the four rounds were over.

Another points win after four, victorious Hajji Muhis was in a tough was in a tough competitive fight with Bahadur Karami at middleweight.

Alfie Price looked slick beating Rustim Fatkhullin again on points after four rounds at lightweight.


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